3 – 90 kg/h steam output, available in 5 steps

The SIED Steam humidifier in air-conditioning and ventilation systems guarantees a high standard of hygiene as the system has been developed for the demanding requirements for usage/operation in hospitals, chemical and pharmaceutical or the food industry. The quality requirements of clean steam generation in accordance with Norm EN285 are easily met.


The difference of the SIED- steam humidifier to the conventional steam generator lies is the evaporation of completely de-mineralised water which prevents any algae, bacteria or limescale build-up.

The operation of the steam generator is though the use of an exact Thyristor power regulation from 0 – 100% depending on the user needs – an important development for marketable products of these sizes.
The humidifier is currently available with the steam capacity from 3 and 5 kg/h stages to 90kg/h.

Unbeatable advantages

There are a number of significant benefits to the SIED-Steam Humidifier being run with de-ionised water. The usage of chemicals such as silver ions or biocides and the associated measures can be dispensed with, resulting in no limescale build-up. Time-consuming and costly maintenance connected with water and energy losses through backwashing or blown downs  are no longer necessary.

Through absolutely precise generation and exact controlled amounts of steam, there is no build-up of condensation, which could lead to hygiene problems. Furthermore, the SIED- Steam Humidifier is built directly into the air supply duct –  high temperatures or steam loss in pipes are no longer a problem to contend with.
A further plus-point : the SIED-Steam humidifier comprises 6 components of which only one has a mechanical function.

Maximal Flexibility

Being compact, the thermally insulated SIED- Steam humidifier can be installed directly into the air-supply duct, exactly where it is needed.  The installation of the steam generator is, therefore, uncomplicated.

It is placed on the floor of the air-supply duct and is connected to the control box as well as the water supply duct.  Even a refitting poses no problems as the steam humidifier requires only a comparatively short humidification distance.

Control and monitoring

The control of the energy supply/input is carried out through a separately placed control box with power and control unit as well as a DDC controller.  In addition, there is a direct digital control with a display which can be set and adjusted to show the readings of set values and actual values respectively.

The activation can either be carried out through a control air-conditioning or ventilation control (0…10 Volt  4…20 mA respectively) or through a building automation system. Michelbach also offers an optional stand-alone moisture control system.



„Steam humidification without chemicals -
It couldn’t be simpler.“