Energy saving through the usage of high performance adiabatic Recooling System

Recoolingsystem LUMI - RKS 615-2, glycol free

The installed recooling system of Sparkasse Oberhausen 2006 is a high performance, two phase adiabatic recooling system with a glycol free design.  The high energy requirements and the ecological criteria of the project were completely fulfilled.  With the installed glycol free adiabatic LUMI-recooling system is an energy saving cooling cycle, possible in the free cooling over a long period of time.  By using minimal viscosity of water as opposed to a Glycol Water mix allows for a significant saving of pump drive energy and the improve warmth transfer of the water leads to a further improvement of efficiency of the entire system.

The cooling system is equipped with a weatherproof insulated housing.  As part of the frost protection system is the LUMI- Recooling system, which is equipped on both sides with motor driven flaps.  In order to met the local sound silencing requirements, the system was equipped with silencers on both sides. The system stands on the roof of the Sparkasse Oberhausen.

Owner: Sparkasse Oberhausen
Planer: Zibell, Willner & Partner

Special Features

  • Free cooling at a medium temperature of 17°/14° C
    (approx. 130kW) at an outside temperature up to 12°C
  • Cooling (adiabatic) at a medium temperature of 35°/27°C
    (approx. 200kW) at an outside air temperature up to22°C

Further References

  •     VR-Bank Sennfeld
  •     Clinical Center Würzburg
  •     Sovello Thalheim
  •     State Police Stuttgart
  •     Airrailcenter Frankfurt


  •     Control cabinet
  •     Frost protection system
  •     Double sided window shades
  •     Emergency Heating
  •     High pressure humidification system with HD pumping station
  •     Double sided silencer
  •     Weather proof housing

Technical Details

Recooling capacity615 kW
Air temperature/ moisture inlet32,0 °C / 38% room humidity
Wet-bulb temperature21,0 °C
Glycol content0,0 %
Cooling medium inlet/outlet35,0 °C / 27,0 °C
Dimensionsapprox. 9.000 mm x 3.900 mm x 2.600 mm
Operating weightapprox. 10.000 kg