Our company history started in 1973 in Zirndorf, located in the middle of the technology region of Nuremberg-Fürth in Middle Franconia.

Ludwig Michelbach, a resourceful young engineer did what he did best. He developed and sold high quality air-conditioning control and instrument technology which were already ahead of their time.

The concept took off, and soon the few members of staff could not longer deal with the rapidly increasing demands. Further experts were taken on board, new fields of technology were offered and the company won its the first patent. Michelbach has been expanding across Germany in the field of high pressure humidifiers. With our well-known brand LUMI-Systems – we have always been setting new standards.

However, even in the pioneering role, we continued to strive to improve our products and services for the benefit of our clients. Besides top performance and reliability of our products, we are about the environment and health issues such as uncompromising hygiene.

That’s why our humidifying systems have been running for a long time with osmotically cleaned pure water, which prevents the spreading of bacteria, micro-organisms and damaging elements of all types. This makes our products unbeatable in the field of clinics. At the same time, the life cycle and maintenance intervals of our systems can be significantly extended through new technology.

Further fields of competence of Michelbach LUMI-Systems are the heat recovery and recooling systems. Besides meeting and exceeded acknowledged quality standards, flexibility and compatibility are our strength. Not only we can say what our systems can do, but you can tell us what your requirements for such a system are. Our current team of 35 engineers, technicians and other staff are there to support you in finding the correct system and to developing the right solution. Take our word for it!

Our products are tested and checked by an independent expert and are endorsed with a certificate of hygiene. All stages of production are recorded in a quality management system. We are also members of the trade association for electronics, textiles and fine mechanics.

Despite the economic crises, we are optimistic about the future. Our middle term planning is linked to the second generation. Only in 2008, a further production hall for recooling systems was expanded and a new steam humidifier was launched on the market.