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Premium air humidification

LUMI-DWB 2.000 - 200.000 m3/h Capacity

Rooms should offer a comfortable temperature for people, both to work and to live, with an ideal temperature of 20°C and approximately 40% humidity. In some situations such as production halls, require a 90% humidity level. Both are easy to achieve with the LUMI-humidification system.


Luftbefeuchtung mit Vorerhitzer

Klassische Luftbefeuchtung


The adiabatic humidification is based on the principle of water evaporation. Moisture in the air contains water vapour. Like when cooking and water condensation, the transfer needs small water droplets in the vapour phase. This energy is removed from the air and does not have to be applied through electrical energy.

When humidifying with a LUMI-system, osmotic water (pure de-ionised water) evaporates and is sprayed into the air volume stream as a fine mist spray. These droplets evaporate without leaving a residue, nor do they leave a grey coating in either the system or air-conditioned room. The effect of the adiabatic humidification can also be used for cooling in summer or during a transitional period.


Unbeatable advantages

Our system of adiabatic humidification guarantees total hygiene as micro-organisms of all types are removed. For this reason, our systems are run using osmotically clean water. We integrate the agreed LUMI-Hydrotech-reverse osmosis unit of the respective size, which completely prevents water pollution (also such particles which are already present in tap water) and other materials, heavy metals, micro-organisms and other loosed materials of all kinds.

Humification agents with dangerous, respirable fibres from aerosol development are commonly used in humidification processes. However, the LUMI humidification system is a closed system. Only humidity, which is both aerosol free and of the correct value is freed into the air. Our systems have an integrated condensation chamber with a secondary humidifier and are therefore in line with the prescribed requirements.

Our products all come with the necessary certificate of hygiene, which has been issued by an external testing laboratory. Our products meet the VDI 6022 page 1 and 3, DIN 1946 parts 2 and 4 of the VDI 3803 and the Euro test certificate. The measurement values of our humidifiers continually confirm that the performance of our systems not only meet, but also exceed the standards and requirements. Most importantly, this is green technology combines with high level occupational safety as our products require no chemicals or other harmful substances.

Looking at the economic perspective, our systems point to enormous energy saving, water saving and chemical savings. In addition, we guarantee the certification as well as a long life span for the system.

Not to be neglected are the construction advantages of humidified air.  The building substances are preserved, the quality of goods and production remain preserved even with the processing and storage.

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