Degree of efficiency of the LUMI Heat recovery depending on the number of tubes and the relative exhaust air humidity

The LUMI-heat recover is completely assembled in a complete modular system.  The supply air and the extracted air exchange chamber are delivered either pre-assembled or, should the customer require a modernisation, can be assembled on-side in the existing chamber.

The register is always produced with continuous segments in order to avoid the build up of dirt on the sides of the segments.  Materials for the register include copper, aluminium, aluminium coated or stainless steel.  The extracted air exchanger comprises of copper pipes and copper segments in the standard equipment in order to guarantee a longer life span in de-humidification operations and adiabatic cooling operations respectively.

Adiabatic cooling operations

Through the spraying of the extracted air exchange surface with the fine vapour of the LUMI compressed water humidifier, the degree of effectiveness in terms of the cool recovery is increased to over 80%.  The fine mist/vapour seeps deep into the register, evaporates from the segments/slats and generates an addition cooling performance which is not possible with other WRG systems.