Michelbach - the system provider

The Michelbach Group has been operating in the field of control technology for a number of years and offers a professional and knowledgeable Instrumentation and Control department to provide you with the expert advice required for solving your problems.

Not only are we able to provide you with complete systems, all of our products include advanced control technology, and we offer you the ability to regulate and monitor all air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation systems with a perfectly co-ordinated link-up to all single unit components.  The recooling and heat recovery systems are especially programmed for your field of business and should you require a humidifying control instrument for your LUMI-Systems humidifier, we can deliver.  

Whatever your needs, be it an absorption cooling unit, a magnetised turbo system or simple a piston driven cooling unit, our experts will advise you as to the most efficient products suited to your needs.

Our LUMI- recooling system will be assembled to the cooling unit and can also be delivered as a compact unit.  As a technical highlight, you will receive from us the possibility to run the cooling unit with a condensation register and thereby will achieve a high COP (carry over parts).

All our products contain advanced control technology.  We will take over the planning, implementation and get your system up and running as well as maintenance and repairs in the shortest of time, with the least of concerns.